Welcome Message

Welcome Message


On behalf of the Petrochemical Industry Association of Taiwan (PIAT), it’s my greatest pleasure to invite you to attend the APIC 2019, to be held in Taipei, Taiwan from May 16 to 17 of 2019.

This highly acclaimed international event will feature market seminars providing industry relevant and up-to-date information on the rising trends in petrochemical industry to expand your mental map of the global business. Committee meetings will also be offered to highlight the latest trends and the current mainstream views on topics such as: polyolefin, styrene, PVC, synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber, environmental issue, and general matters and on raw materials. In addition, a site tour, in limited availability, will also be offered to visit the Formosa Eco-Industrial Park, which will provide visitors a wonderful experience and rewarding them with all kinds of learnings. It will certainly be an event of great significance; not only enable us to share the fruit of technological and industrial development of petrochemical industry, but also provide an excellent opportunity to exchange information and ideas on the ever-changing economics. This 40th annual event will be an opportunity for attendees to gain a deeper understanding of the regional market trends, chemical regulations, and sustainable solutions for the petrochemical industry.

Coincidentally, Taipei is the center of the politics, commerce, art and culture for Taiwan. Over a million tourists visit Taipei every year. People in Taiwan are known for their hospitability. After the APIC sessions, we encourage attendees to experience various options for sightseeing, shopping, and cuisines. A wide variety of food offering, like Xiaolongbao from highly-rated Taiwanese restaurants and bubble tea from snack stands in Taipei’s lively night markets surely will delight visitors.

Once again, let me express my hearty welcome to our distinguished speakers, delegates, exhibitors, sponsors and partners for your strong support for this upcoming event. We are looking forward to seeing you in Taipei in May.


Chairman of PIAT