Committee Meetings

Committee Meetings

Friday, May 17

Session 1: General Matters and Raw Materials

  • Venue: Grand Ball Room II, 5F
  • Topics:
  • Key Trend in Global Petrochemicals
  • Tony Potter, Global Vice President, Specialty Chemicals,  IHS Markit
  • New Energy & New Materials in Chinese Market
  • Peter Huang, CEO, Consulting Division, CNCIC

  • Crude Oil-to-Chemicals (COTC) – Reshaping Asia
  • Stefano Zehnder, Vice President Consulting, Global Refining, ICIS

  • Clean Solutions for the Petrochemical Industry are a Time of Energy Transitions
  • Eshwar Yennigalla, Analyst, Petrochemicals, S & P Global Platts

Session 2: Polyolefins

  • Venue: Junior I, 5F
  • Topics:
  • Polyolefin Market Update and Outlook
  • Yi Ling Tan, Associate Director, Polyolefins, IHS Markit

  • Market Opportunity of Polyolefin Elastomer and Plastomer (POE & POP) in China
  • Shawn Zhang, Project Director, Consulting Division, CNCIC

  • Polymer Business Strategies in the Era of Low Profitability – “Adaptability is the Key.”
  • Felita Widjaja, Senior Editor, Polyethylene, ICIS

  • Polymers: Finding Balance within Supply Demand Growth
  • Heng Hui, Senior Editor Petrochemical, S & P Global Platts

Session 3: Styrenics

  • Venue: Spring-Summer, 3F
  • Topics:

  • Styrene Monomer: Are the Good Days Over?
  • Kate Lee, Senior Petrochemical Markets Reporter, Argus

  • China vs. Southeast Asia in Styrenics Capacity Investment – Two Scenarios
  • Rhian O’Connor, Senior Analyst, ICIS

  • Asia Styrenics: Is Demand Losing Steam, or Catch its Breath?
  • Regina Sher, Associate Editor, S & P Global Platts

Session 4: PVC

  • Venue: Fortune-Prosperity, 5F
  • Topics:

  • Chlor-Allkali: Global PVC Market Heading Toward Tighter Global Balance
  • Bemard Law, Editor Chlor-Alkali Asia, Argus

  • Will Chinese PVC Industry Continue to Prosper Under New Dynamics?
  • Shiyao Wang, Senior Consultant, Consulting Division, CNCIC

  • Possibility of Recycle PVC: Can Recycle PVC Ease Current PCV Supply Tightness?
  • Fumiko Dobashi, Senior Editor, Petrochemicals, S & P Global Platts

Session 5: Synthetic Rubber

  • Venue: Junior II, 5F
  • Topics:
  • Asia Synthetic Rubber Market
  • Anthony Song, Associate Director, C4s and Elastomers, IHS Markit
  • Will China be the New Game Changer in the Global Butadiene Market?
  • Helen Yan, Senior Editor, ICIS

  • The Electronic Vehicle (EV) Revolution and the Shift in Trade Dynamics
  • Elizabeth Low, Editor Petrochemicals, S & P Global Platts

Session 6: Synthetic Fibre Raw Materials

  • Venue: Autumn-Winter, 3F
  • Topics:

  • Polyester Chain Market Outlook
  • Ding Wei, Director, Aromatics and Fibers, IHS Markit

  • Asian PX Market Outlook – from the Angle of the PET Value Chain Cycle
  • Jenny Yi, Senior Analyst, ICIS

  • The Global Polyester & Intermediates Industry: Trends & Challenges
  • Javier Rivera, Business Manager - Synthetic Fibres & Intermediates, EO & Derivatives

  • China's New Challenges - How the Polyamide Business is Maturing in China
  • Crystal Chiang, Asia Director, PCI Wood Mackenzie

Session 7: Chemicals

  • Venue: Garden Villa, 8F
  • Topics:

  • Methanol: How will Methanol Survive the Supply Overflow?
  • Mahua Chakravarty, Petrochemical Markets Editor, Argus

  • The Petrochemical Intermediates Conundrum
  • Amber Liu, Head of Petchem Analytics, ICIS

  • Is Rationalization the Only Way to Sustainability in the Phenol Market?
  • Angeline Soh, Markets Editor, ICIS

Session 8: Environmental Issue

  • Venue: Longevity, 5F
  • Topics:

  • Sustainability in Chemicals
  • Jihoon Kim, Partner and Managing Director, Seoul, BCG
    Arun Rajamani, Principal, Kuala Lumpur, BCG

  • Today and Tomorrow: Petrochemical Industry in China – From the Viewpoint of Environmental Protection Storm
  • Vicky Su, Senior Project Director, Consulting Division, CNCIC

  • The Green Revolutions of the Far Eastern Group
  • Justin Tsai, President, Oriental Union Chemical Corp.

  • Carbon Dioxide as an Industrial Chemical Feedstock
  • William Bann, Business Manager - Acetyls, Polyamide & Intermediates, Epoxy & Engineering Resins, Tecnon OrbiChem